Melancholia Records is a French underground metal label founded in 2002 by Emperor Xaëlis. Since its creation, Melancholia Records has specialized in promoting and distributing underground metal bands in France and abroad. The label launch its first release NUMENOR and STRAASHA split CD album in 2002 and quickly gained popularity for its dedication to the underground metal scene and its desire to promote new talent. Since then, Melancholia Records has released a dozen of records and has worked with many nowadays renowned underground metal bands such as NUMENOR, BORNHOLM, ORAKLE, MALEFICENTIA, DIKTATUR and DELIVERANCE.

Melancholia Records stands out for its commitment to the underground metal scene and its desire to promote bands that stay true to the original spirit of metal. The label works to discover new talent and provide them with a platform to reach a wider audience. In addition to releasing records, Melancholia Records also organizes concerts and underground metal festivals in France. These events allow the label’s bands to perform in front of enthusiastic audiences and introduce their music to new fans.

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Melancholia Records is also involved in the underground metal community by organizing workshops and conferences on metal and music in general. These activities help fans better understand and appreciate the underground metal scene and contribute to making it a strong and dynamic community.

Melancholia Records is a passionate French underground metal label that works to promote new talent and raise awareness of the underground metal scene in France and abroad. Through its ongoing efforts to support and develop the underground metal scene, Melancholia Records has become an integral player in the French metal community. The label is associated with LES ASSOCIABLES for concert and festival bookings, they scheduled a succeful Russian tour for the hardcore band 6-DTC in 2002. In addition of booking, this collaboration also produced music videos and live shot videos. Since the beginning Melancholia Records works with [X]-Lab Studio for music production, recording, mixing, and mastering releases.

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