DELIVERANCE – Holocaust 26:1-46 [MP3 Edition]


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DELIVERANCE is the parallel project of Étienne Sarthou (drummer of Aqme), and Pierre Duneau (Memories Of a Dead Man). He has previously participated in another side project under the name of Grymst where he practiced music close to Death Grind. His new project is a mix of sludge and dark black metal. The writing of this album lasted approximately 1 year and a half, period during which the requirement will have been permanent.

The objective: to assert even more the personality of the group while going beyond what Deliverance has been able to offer so far artistically. Use codes to better divert them. One of the key moments will have been the composition of Saturnine (first title of the album), title with which the contours of the album to come are drawn: always as heavy and tortured, this title also opens a breach towards more horizons melodic, ambient and experimental.

Working in the studio has also been essential in this sense: offering new sounds and textures, creating bridges between styles often at odds. Black Metal then confronts elements of Postrock, Floydian psychedelia or even the most contemporary Indierock / Electro. The dimension given to the titles by Pierre’s texts and song is the same. If the vocabulary and the tone will not confuse Black Metal specialists, the meaning goes far beyond religious themes for Pierre, who reveals his most personal story, his deepest self, to whom will be able to read between the lines.

This richness of emotions obliges the singer to go further than the only flayed howling typical of the style, discovering an intoxicating palette of more melodic and possessed voices. Holocaust 26: 1-46 is a multi-faceted album, intended to be surprising and assertive.


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DELIVERANCE – Holocaust 26:1-46 [MP3 Edition]